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Looking for a great way to view and manage your RSS feeds from your desktop? Look no further than FeedDemon, the most popular Windows RSS reader.

The easy-to-use interface makes it a snap to stay informed with the latest news and information. You can completely customize the way feeds are organized and displayed and set up custom news watches based on keywords. You can even download podcasts and audio files and have them show up on your portable audio device.

In addition, FeedDemon now synchronizes with NewsGator Online and the rest of the NewsGator RSS Suite. The software is pre-configured with dozens of feeds, so you can unleash the power of RSS right away.

From version, FeedDemon is freeware.

  • Newspaper format for easy reading
  • Search channels to discover relevant feeds
  • Automatic synchronization with other NewsGator readers
  • Built-in podcast receiver to download audio files to iPods

Title:Feed Demon RC2
File size:4.18MB (4,378,179 bytes)
Requirements:Windows (All Versions)
Date added:January 7, 2009
Author:NewsGator Technologies

Channge Log:
  • Added: Hovering over a short URL (TinyURL.com, etc.) now shows the full URL in a balloon tip so you know where the URL redirects (great when browsing Twitter). For a list of supported URL shortening services, see the file ShortUrl.xml in FeedDemon's \Data subfolder.
  • Added: Automatic hyperlinking of URLs, @replies, #hashtags and author names in Twitter feeds. Profile pictures will also be displayed when subscribing to the Atom version of a Twitter feed if the feed is in a folder that isn't synchronized.
  • Added: "Reply" link in newspaper when viewing a post from a Twitter feed
  • Added: "Edit Tags" now bolds suggested tags that you've already used
  • Added: "Attention Report" now enables exporting top feeds as OPML
  • Changed: Embedded ad now becomes a text ad when resolution is 1024x768 or lower
  • Changed: Email icon now shown in newspaper by default
  • Fixed: Embedded ad steals focus from FeedDemon's newspaper
  • Fixed: URL doesn't show in the status bar when you mouse over a link in an embedded ad
  • Fixed: Bad comments in feed prevent some items from being shown in FeedDemon newspaper (discovered with this French Gizmodo feed)
  • Fixed: Excessive flicker when selecting "Close Other Tabs"
  • Fixed: "Edit Tags" sometimes display a URL as a suggested tag
  • Fixed: EOutOfResources error when running FeedDemon in a remote session
  • Fixed: FeedDemon comes to the front of other applications when the desktop alert's close button is clicked
  • Fixed: FeedDemon warns that you're subscribing to a feed you're already subscribed to even when it's a secure feed that you've supplied a different login to
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