MediaMonkey Beta - DownloadDescription:

MediaMonkey is a music manager and jukebox for serious music collectors and iPod users. It catalogs your CDs, OGG, WMA, MPC, FLAC, APE, WAV and MP3 audio files. It offers an intelligent tag editor which looks up missing Album Art and track information via Freedb and the web, and an automated file and directory renamer to organize your music library.

It includes a CD ripper, CD/DVD Burner, and audio converter for saving music, and manual or automated playlist editors for creating music mixes. Its player automatically adjusts volume levels so that you don't have continually fiddle with the volume control and supports hundreds of Winamp plug-ins and visualizations; or if you prefer, it can use Winamp as the default player. It also includes portable audio device synchronization that allows you to quickly synch tracks and playlists with iPods and other portable audio devices.

  • Organize music and edit tags in your audio library with a powerful, intuitive interface
  • Automatically lookup and tag Album Art and other metadata
  • Manage 50,000+ files in your music collection without bogging down
  • Play MP3s and other audio formats, and never again worry about varying volume
  • Record CDs into OGG, MP3, FLAC and WMA files
  • Convert MP3s, OGG, FLAC and WMA files into other formats with the Audio Converter
  • Create playlists and music mixes quickly and easily to suit any occasion
  • Synchronize with iPods / MP3 players effortlessly and convert tracks on-the-fly
  • Plus much more...

Title:MediaMonkey Beta
File size:9.56MB (10,020,176 bytes)
Requirements:Windows (All Versions)
Date added:December 29, 2008
Author:Ventis Media

Change Log:

5070: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art Panel & Going to Next Track
4910: [Burn] HPCDE Primo: new version 2.5(2) engine should be included
4832: [Synchronization] Start of playback of tracks from iPod can take several seconds in MM.
5066: [Burn] Confusing error message (FFFFFFFA) when no tracks are selected to burn.
5062: [Other] Podcasts: cannot delete Dead subscriptions
5068: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Options dialog: alignment issues
2430: [Other] Handling Multimedia Keyboard APPCOMMAND_MEDIA Keys sometimes misses
5054: [Main Panel] changing album art view modes affects column order (regression)
5065: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize doesn't work when mask doesn't contains folder
5061: [Reports/Scripts] Statistics report: Top x Albums localization problem
5060: [Other] Error log form: [Save as Playlist] button should save regular MM playlist (not M3U as currently does)
5057: [DB/FileMonitor] Filter Views Not Saved When DB Converted to 3.1
5058: [Other] Optimize several actions
5056: [Main Panel] Lost of Expansion +/- symbols of Custom Nodes
5026: [Other] Regression: Podcast: Newest episode incorrectly determined.
5038: [Other] Scanned tracks not shown for Dead Subscriptions
5051: [Other] Podcast: Directory: OPML parse error - Subscription name may be truncated
4769: [Other] Podcasts: Need to add episode tag to the database
4881: [Properties/Auto-Tools] M4A genre is not read if Genre tag is saved as HEX Value
5034: [DB/FileMonitor] LibFlac version info added to multiple incorrect fields (regression)
5044: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-organize from iPod doesn't work
5008: [Other] Update All Podcasts finds no new podcasts (regression)
5043: [Main Panel] Genre delete / refresh issue
5046: [Synchronization] Syncronize Tags in unavailable (regression)
5036: [Install/Config] Command line parameter for ini file path
5045: [Playlist / Search] Improve performance of default filters
5042: [Main Panel] List background is wrong after restart
2570: [Main Panel] Library node should show all tracks in Library
5049: [Docs / Localization] Misc strings corrections (prep for localization)
5012: [Main Panel] Some polishing of Toolbar Configuration
5048: [Player] Font styles aren't supported in player
5037: [DB/FileMonitor] Folder scan aborts (Regression)
5047: [DB/FileMonitor] Scanning tracks doesn't work
4938: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Make separator configurable for multi-attribute properties
5039: [Other] Remove Playlist field from Synch* tables
4826: [Other] Customizeable toolbars
5032: [Other] Auto-Tag from Web when in AA view can throw an error
5031: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize: selecting more than one playlist in rule doesn't persist
5029: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize doesn't work well with Auto-Playlist in rule
5028: [Player] MicroPlayer popup timeout should be configurable
5025: [Player] MicroPlayer pop-up re-appears
5027: [Main Panel] Scrolling in Album Art View
4557: [Synchronization] Podcast synchronization: ability to sync older podcasts
4609: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Allow date queries based on time relative to the present
5015: [Main Panel] Unorganized tracks Bar & Performance [Regression]
4874: [Playlist / Search] Play Order ('#' column) Sorting doesn't work correctly
5014: [Other] Improved messaging for creating new hotkeys
5020: [Other] UI and context help string changes for 3.1
5016: [Main Panel] Track order display should be configurable
4000: [Burn] MTP Synch to Zen Vision ignores mask location in some cases
5017: [Player] MicroPlayer : MM can freeze when micro popup is visible
5018: [Conversion/Leveling] Comment is lost on file conversion
0132: [Main Panel] Numbers in Track Titles are Confusing
3992: [Main Panel] Album Art + Details: Many users don't like the auto-hide / down arrow
5010: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties: Exception when adding second value to Multi-value fields
3477: [Player] Miniplayer: edit/add album art dialogs appear behind the player
5002: [Now Playing] Pop-up info panel appears even if Now Playing is empty
3588: [Other] More (general functionality) hotkeys should be available
3763: [Conversion/Leveling] Background volume analysis triggers errors for inaccessible tracks / CDs
4180: [Burn] CD Burning: Improved status bar feedback during + on completion
4939: [Burn] Burn error message numbers should have descriptive text
4710: [Main Panel] Out of resource error for large albums (VirtualTree issue)
3566: [Main Panel] Album Art view: if multiple images exist switching to diff. images fails alternately
4816: [Other] Renaming genre to include word "podcast" causes grey subscriptions to appear
3862: [Main Panel] Skinless mode: Last part of the path in navigation bar has a different font
4828: [Other] Thread creation error: Not enough storage is available to process this command.
4844: [Main Panel] Album Art cache may be stored to root of C: instead of temp directory
4448: [Scripts/Extensions] Some standard tree nodes don't pay attention to visibility
4294: [Other] Issues with Large / Extra Large fonts
4407: [Now Playing] Auto-DJ adds multiple identical tracks in some cases
4787: [DB/FileMonitor] Network Database Access Optimization.
4755: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Rating 0 (a bomb) isn't saved to ID3 tags
4635: [DB/FileMonitor] File Monitor: Tags changed outside of MM aren't commited to database
5004: [Playlist / Search] Full-text-search: characters such as '.' should be removed from the query
5003: [Other] Auto-complete : functionality is very slow on large databases
4822: [Synchronization] iPod Synch: Don't delete Smart Playlists by default
4608: [Synchronization] Auto-Sync list 'All Music' node sometimes shows incorrect state
5009: [Main Panel] Tracklist is somehow corrupted and tracks are invisible
5005: [Now Playing] Pop up panel 'Show only when inactive' setting doesn't work
4820: [Synchronization] Warn iPod Users about 'Level volume when synchronizing'
4999: [Synchronization] Synced Album playlists are out of order
5000: [Main Panel] Album Art View + Details : Artist/Album column isn't remembered
0441: [DB/FileMonitor] Inaccessible tracks are not all greyed out & MM becomes non-responsive
3102: [Other] Podcasts: fields are sometimes assigned metadata that doesn't make sense
2464: [Synchronization] Support external memory cards on MTP devices
4901: [Synchronization] Copy iPhone / iPod Touch: using auto-organize doesn't work
4408: [DB/FileMonitor] Improve Album Art scanning (only add art if all tracks in a dir have similar Album fields)
4756: [Synchronization] Sync gapless playback info to iPod for M4A (prevent art corruption)
4991: [Main Panel] Album Art Window can't be resized (regression)
3960: [Scripts/Extensions] Extensions: Installing new exensions doesn't refresh the extensions list
4639: [Scripts/Extensions] Stats script: Improve file size reporting
4777: [Other] Podcasts: PubDate field of the PodcastEpisodes table doesn't get populated with the time portion
4801: [Other] Some opml dirs cannot be imported
4813: [Other] Some unicode characters are displayed badly in OPML dirs
4846: [DB/FileMonitor] MediaMonkey fails to import the Comment field from ID3v1 tags
4908: [Synchronization] Tracks synched during the very first session with MM aren't synced properly
4949: [Conversion/Leveling] CD ripping occassionaly fails for some users and CD drive is lost untill reboot
4475: [Other] Specific corrupted WAV files can freeze MM
4986: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-suggest doesn't work for Album field (regression)
4965: [Playlist / Search] Drag & Drop to Playlist duplicate prevention appears not to work (refresh problem)
4742: [Other] Missing/Incorrect hotkeys: General: Go to Artist Node goes to Artist & Album Artist node
3500: [Other] context menu inconsistencies and improvements re. 'Options'
4112: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art Tagging: No error is returned when attempting to tag album art to track with broken link
4065: [Other] Single Key Hotkeys are active when editing
3446: [Now Playing] Now Playing shouldn't reposition to centre in response to user interaction
4969: [Burn] Burning TAO: gaps should be included when calculating overall time
0051: [Other] Errors interrupt Caching/Normalization/Conversion/Synchronization Operations
3418: [Main Panel] Multiple Value Fields: Need clear way of removing tracks and nodes
4959: [Main Panel] Single click of Track in AA + Details view doesn't allow tracks to be edited
4227: [Main Panel] AA + Details view: using down arrow moves focus to hidden tracks
3272: [Main Panel] Album Art Details view: keyboard-based tracklist selection / navigation is inconsistent
4869: [Scripts/Extensions] Extensions.ini - values including '=' are not written correctly
4899: [Scripts/Extensions] Extensions tweak: If another Install.vbs is in the same folder as MMIP then there could be a conflict
2036: [Now Playing] Auto-DJ isn't random enough
4958: [Burn] Grammar correction in burning status message: 'Copying of album art...
3082: [Main Panel] Party mode: Disable multi-select (revert?)
4713: [Conversion/Leveling] File conversion fails for filepaths > 255 chars long with error message (auto-cutoff feature?)
4954: [Burn] Support more CD-Text fields when burning audio CD.
4555: [Main Panel] Audio CD Node: Context Menu has many useless functions
4917: [Other] MM can't read/write tag from some MP4 files (HEv2 AAC - Nero encoded)
4936: [Other] Deleted tracks dialog can throw an error
4927: [Other] Regression: Seeking doesn't work when playing audio CDs
4877: [Main Panel] Simplify Tree: show some nodes only when they contain tracks
4923: [Synchronization] Synchronization to iPhone to full capacity fails
3372: [Other] Skins: Micromonkey displays incorrectly in some cases
3344: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Improve typing to dropdowns
4857: [Main Panel] Grouping tracks to Unknown albums
4231: [Install/Config] deskplayer.dll can't be installed on Vista x64
3877: [DB/FileMonitor] Show M4B files in Audiobook filter in MM.
4074: [Now Playing] Now Playing menu items are hidden when 'Show Play Controls' is enabled
4911: [Scripts/Extensions] Paths in COM interface
3946: [Other] Use multi-kernel processor more efficiently
4893: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Norwegion year mask fails
4896: [Synchronization] Auto-sync list: Music CDs appear in the Audiobooks tab
4075: [Other] Capitalization cleanup of field names
4890: [Other] Updating podcasts: manually downloaded episodes are not deleted from the queue in some cases
4889: [Other] Skinning : Close button on dialogs is cut off
3835: [Main Panel] Shift-Delete doesn't delete the currently playing track for Tracks not in the library
3791: [Other] Change 'panning left / right' to balance left/right
3983: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Dead links: All web radio stations are included in dead links
3947: [Other] Debug logs should contain full version number
4884: [Other] SDB.Database.ActiveFilterQuery returns empty string in some cases
4882: [Other] Regression: AllMusic Listen links are not handeled correctly
4883: [Player] Winamp cannot be used as player for non admin users
2255: [Other] Auto-complete messes up capitalization
4829: [Other] Amazon purchases: affiliate links don't seem to work for non-english builds
2876: [Main Panel] Album Art Details view: Multiple track selection doesn't work correctly
4222: [Main Panel] Album art Context not Shown Correctly
4803: [Player] Upgrade Lame to 3.98.2
4873: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize in background doesn't move non media files
4774: [Other] AAC Format plugins don't have version #, and both have the same name
4513: [Synchronization] Auto-deletion status text is slightly inaccurate
4871: [Properties/Auto-Tools] "Clear database..." does not actually clear all database
4720: [Properties/Auto-Tools] "Next/Previous Song" arrow on Track Properties dialog doesn't operate right.
4864: [Other] Unsubscribe and Delete podcasts do not delete Playing Episode
2379: [Player] CDs with CD Text don't display metadata in Now Playing or in Player
2635: [Main Panel] Refresh problem when dragging and dropping between playlists
2424: [Player] Support for WMA streaming
2947: [Other] Make MM accessible to blind users
2769: [Main Panel] Context menu editing commands don't appear in unskinned mode
3015: [Other] Add an option to manually create an Eureka debug log
3430: [Main Panel] Album Art Views don't refresh correctly
3568: [Main Panel] AA views don't work properly with tracks without Album Artist
3548: [Other] Filters 'Gold' warning is too 'Naggy'
4852: [Other] OPML directories: filling the Feed list by feeds could be faster
4851: [Other] Some podcasts (with ASP code in their feed) fails.
3107: [Other] Automatic Tab Order
4850: [Other] No way to browse/search content of all OPML directories at once.
3250: [Install/Config] Player mode (main/mini/micro) should persist
3908: [Other] Podcasts: Expanding a Podcast can look like MM is frozen
2835: [Other] Visualization throws "Out of memory"
4843: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Non-skinned version: Properties: Album artist checkbox is not properly checked when changing artist field
3621: [Other] Global Album Art image location is missing 'Any' option for some users.
4138: [Synchronization] Sync to USB MS Device: Podcasts and Audiobooks don't sync well
4830: [Other] History should remember track selection
4819: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Unsynchronized tags: some tracks are unsynchronizable
4003: [Now Playing] Now Playing: If shuffle is enabled, and NP track is deleted, next track doesn't come into focus
4508: [Other] Some podcasts that have embedded user/pass in the feed URL appear empty
4446: [Scripts/Extensions] Scripting: Changing SDBAlbumArtItem::ItemStorage from 1 to 0 should convert linked image into an embedded
3475: [Other] Party Mode isn't completely locked (Crlt+Alt+Del and media keys)
2686: [Other] Decrease memory requirements of internal data structures
4088: [Playlist / Search] Search Results node is filled with non-sensical searches --> Optimize timer
3217: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Filters are applied even where they shouldn't
3460: [Other] Optimize performance of some parts of MM
4191: [DB/FileMonitor] Drag and Drop of Folders to Library node fails
3560: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Artist Node: It should be possible to Drag and Drop Albums between Album Artists
3653: [Main Panel] Album Art Details view: text appears misaligned if Album Title is unknown
4711: [Main Panel] In-place Edits of Artist field do not work correctly for case changes
4656: [DB/FileMonitor] Track Browser: Doesn't populate until all tracks in a node are read
4796: [Main Panel] Tracklist operations coulds be faster and consuming less memory
4805: [Playlist / Search] Auto-playlist can be indirectly self-referenced - add a prevention
1988: [Main Panel] Files to Edit: Unlevelled tracks
4454: [Main Panel] Some mnemonic characters are missing from Menu Bar
4798: [Main Panel] Regression : Track# mask doesn't work well when track's Track# is set to '0'
3591: [Other] hiding root nodes is not reflected in the navigation toolbar
3764: [Other] Unskinned Player: Vista-style navigation toolbar text doesn't fit in buttons
4107: [Main Panel] Album Art Views: scanning in library doesn't refresh view properly
2364: [Main Panel] 'My Computer' node infers properties even when 'infer properties' is completely disabled
4793: [Main Panel] Album Art View + Details doesn't show highlighted fields in unsynchronized node
4575: [Main Panel] MediaMonkey fails to run by Non-Admin user on Vista when General plugins are used
4749: [Other] Explorer integration doesn't work correctly in Vista
4068: [Other] Eurekalog debug log is sent even when user presses
4156: [Now Playing] Floating Now Player: focus conflicts with Tracklist focus --> possible incorrect operations
3816: [Main Panel] Album Art View: Deleting an Album causes view to completely refresh and lose current position
4139: [Main Panel] Album Art + Details view: on scan Album can generate multiple entries
3880: [Main Panel] Scanning causes tree nodes/tracks/ratings to not be editable
3443: [Main Panel] Album Artist node: Album Artist subnodes aren't shown if Album title is unknown
4435: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Regression: AutoOrganize: if track exceeds 64 chars limit then its filename fails to edit
4541: [Playlist / Search] "search current" & trackbrowser communication isn't correct
2165: [Properties/Auto-Tools] 'My Computer' node infers properties of tracks that are already in the DB
4178: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties Dialog: Edit boxes don't function correctly when text is wider than the text box width
4771: [Install/Config] DBUpgrader progress is visible only when it's running from MM
4766: [Scripts/Extensions] SDBUIMaskEdit.OnChange event doesn't work
4773: [Scripts/Extensions] Menu_Pop_NP_MainWindow subnodes isn't suported by scripting
5011: [Scripts/Extensions] Regression: MoreFrom Pop Menus doesn't work
4968: [Scripts/Extensions] Regression: .Common.ControlName Overides .Caption
4996: [Main Panel] Unicode MP3 Tags broken in MM 3.1 (regression)
4946: [Main Panel] Net Radio Tree button can't be shown until restart (regression)
4866: [Scripts/Extensions] Extension install / unistall issues (.ini file handling)
4973: [Player] Volume adjustments don't register if playback is stopped
4563: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Warning for mass edits of 50+ files to prevent accidental edits
3760: [Playlist / Search] Searchbar returns different results for 'Search selected' vs 'entire library'
4395: [Playlist / Search] Configurability re. which fields the searchbar searches
3687: [Playlist / Search] Improved searchbar: disabled auto-complete (rusty)
4945: [Main Panel] Album Art + Details view: moused based selection doesn't work correctly
4825: [DB/FileMonitor] DBUpgrader : Fixed non ASCII Album Artist can be corrupted when upgrading from MM 2.x
4752: [Conversion/Leveling] Send to -> Folder (Rip/Convert) should always default to create copy
4412: [Conversion/Leveling] Fixed failed rips should generate a single error message after rip operation
4153: [Conversion/Leveling] Background volume analysis should limit tag update to Replay Gain changes
4898: [Conversion/Leveling] Support more WMA Lossless (sub)formats
4100: [Burn] Improved burn config - Automated 'Buffer Underrun protection'
4837: [Burn] Confusing error message on termination of preparatory phase of Audio-CD burning
4934: [Burn] Burn Data CD Wizard shouldn't highlight track paths yellow
4219: [Burn] CD-Text labels aren't displayed in some cases
4947: [Burn] Audio CD Burn disc indicator shows wrong number of discs required
4928: [Burn] Disc Spanning: Burn dialog options are confusing
4868: [Burn] Burning message improvements: disc sequence numbers for disc-spanning burns
4918: [Burn] Optional chime on burn completion
4390: [Burn] Ability to Cache Network files for Audio CD Burns
4784: [Playlist / Search] Autoplaylist: Sort by Album doesn't work (regression)
4992: [Other] Tray icon never shows up in some cases
5001: [Other] Regression: Some podcast feeds no longer work
4879: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Classifications items: reordering by d&d is slow
4983: [Main Panel] Width of the # column doesn't persist
4799: [Now Playing] Now Playing: double-click selected track edits it in some cases
4916: [Scripts/Extensions] Extensions: 'Update Available' should be shown when NewVersionDescription is missing
4418: [Main Panel] Find More from Same Context menu should indicate field values
3281: [Main Panel] Album Art + Details: all fields should be available as headers
4593: [Main Panel] Tracklist right-click Remove menu entry is missing its shortcut key text
3558: [Now Playing] Cannot edit tracks in Now Playing (regression)
4842: [Main Panel] Skins: Podcast download icon should be animatable
4834: [Main Panel] Tooltip enhancement: show track cover and rating
4788: [Main Panel] Track browser 'All' doesn't work in Album Art View
4220: [Player] Track Popup shows previous track's album art for a fraction of a second
4772: [Playlist / Search] Auto-Playlist throws error when using 'Playlist' as criteria
4990: [Main Panel] Track Browser crashes when its columns are customized with some fields (regression)
4979: [Main Panel] Closing Track Properties can throw an error
2964: [Player] Add 'Stop after current' command
3445: [Now Playing] Tooltips don't work in Now Playing node
4379: [Main Panel] Album Art + Details view: Get Info/Buy not working
4993: [Other] Occasional crashes when minimized to micro player
3007: [Burn] Disc fails to refresh in Explorer (XP) after several burns
4317: [Main Panel] 'Unsynchronized tag' node opening will holds up every other threads
4111: [Main Panel] Past searches cannot be deleted from the tree.
4995: [Main Panel] Double click on Track Browser doesn't work as expected
2254: [Main Panel] No Shortcut to 'My Desktop' in MediaMonkey
3263: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Files to Edit: Inconsistent Album Art
4925: [Main Panel] Don't show unnecessary tagging progress information on some actions
4876: [Now Playing] Now Playing panel does not show number of files or # selected files in status bar
3590: [Main Panel] the clickable area in each section of the navigation toolbar is inconsistent
3340: [Other] Podcasts: Add ability to download episodes based on time
4887: [Main Panel] Album Art View : groups can show up total count of albums inside of it
3519: [Install/Config] 'Remove underscores when adding filenames' is unneeded
4943: [Main Panel] AA View: Text Exceeds the margins of album art
4989: [Install/Config] Initialization of 'Options' dialog is slow
3252: [Other] Podcasts: Import / Export OPML
3040: [Playlist / Search] Implement proper full-text search
4997: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Search options are not available via Search context menu
4778: [Other] Multi value support enhancements
3192: [Main Panel] Album Art Panel not resizable after titlebar is hidden
4409: [Other] Hotkeys: minimize / maximize window
4872: [Other] Don't show previously removed episodes in feed list
4978: [Main Panel] Users accidentally open Amazon pages
4802: [Main Panel] Hide Title node by default
3508: [Properties/Auto-Tools] AutoDJ options needs "from current filter" option
3351: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Context menu isn't available in most of the player UI
3876: [DB/FileMonitor] Add Extension as a new DB field
4903: [Player] MicroPlayer : microplayer on Vista disables taskbar aero effect
4895: [Synchronization] Auto-sync list: Playlist node should have a means of selecting/deselecting all playlists
3761: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Unsynchronized Tags node: status bar doesn't work
4880: [Now Playing] Now Playing Transparency, Always on Top unavailable
2670: [Now Playing] Deleting the currently playing track --> next track doesn't show up in Now Playing
3987: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art Window: change title bar to 'Album Art (Selected)'
4204: [Synchronization] UI Font Color in Device Configuration Wrong
4875: [Other] Podcasts: Lines are not properly broken in Episode's comment + subscription can get bad description
4849: [Other] Default OPML directories: is broken
3993: [Other] Tabbed dialogs: doesn't switch between tabs
3994: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Shortcut conflict: Properties > Album Art (Alt-A)
3995: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Mass Track Edits: Filename should indicate 'Multiple tracks selected'
2587: [Now Playing] Add Play Next / Play Last options to Now Playing
4643: [Synchronization] Labeling for Device Configuration is inconsistent
4833: [Synchronization] Auto-Sync list: Add ability to tick all Playlists at once
3416: [Main Panel] Filters & Views: per filter Track Browser config
4806: [Other] Tracks storage internal changes
4471: [Playlist / Search] Search: 'Is Known' operator could be useful for some fields
2917: [Other] Skins: Add option to include custom icons within a skin
3608: [Other] Skins: Improvements to support SilverDream skin
3805: [Now Playing] Increase playcounts differently for Music and Audiobooks/Podcasts
4845: [Burn] Change default burn mask
4987: [Main Panel] Album Art View : Album & Album Artist is truncated to one character
4994: [Main Panel] Custom Main Tree +/- icons doesn't persist
3262: [Player] Support for partial playcounts in podcasts
2997: [Main Panel] Album Art View: Image editing functions missing/inconsistent
0090: [Main Panel] Configurable Toolbar
3575: [Main Panel] Album Art + Details View: Tracks listed in incorrect order sometimes
3546: [Main Panel] Tracklist Horizontal Scrollbar position doesn't update in some cases
4303: [Now Playing] Now Playing window often shifts horizontally
3526: [Other] Cannot focus invisible window and switch between Players
4701: [Other] Mask Edit : Hiding masks list using '>>' button misses caret position in Destination edit
4538: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Cursor doesn't work correctly in Mask textboxes
4673: [Player] in_mpg123 plugin no longer functions & seekbar doesn't work correctly with in_mad.dll
4905: [Player] MicroPlayer: show currently playing track info on hover
4862: [Player] Player: show track time when moving seek bar
4924: [Main Panel] # column for auto-playlist starts with 0 instead of 1
4919: [Other] Skinning : MM blinks while changing skin
3004: [DB/FileMonitor] Locate Moved Missing Tracks: always fails when track timestamp doesn't match
4981: [Main Panel] Settings to show less than 7 in Album Art View don't work
3592: [Other] Skinning: AA+Details expand triangle should be skinnable & support transparency
3646: [Main Panel] Album Art + Details view: Currently playing track isn't always bold
4731: [Main Panel] Album Art View: Clicking selected album causes selection to be lost
4732: [Main Panel] Dragging in Album Art or AA + details view may not refresh focus correctly
4767: [Main Panel] Scroll wheel in Album Art view becomes 'uncalibrated' on large albums
3865: [Main Panel] Tree: Gradient artifact when horizontal scrollbar is moved all the way to the right
4129: [Install/Config] Proxy password shouldn't be displayed in clear text
4984: [DB/FileMonitor] Updating database to 3.1 can fail
4870: [Main Panel] 'About' dialog has confusing text
3444: [Other] MediaMonkey tray icon shouldn't display when microplayer is active
0685: [Main Panel] Duplicates functionality is unintuitive
1586: [Install/Config] Re-enable alpha warning for prerelease software
4170: [Other] Hotkey: General: Focus tracklist on currently playing item - doesn't bring track into focus
4381: [Main Panel] Album Art Views: Mirror effect
4841: [Main Panel] Toolbars buttons should have smooth transitions like players buttons
4838: [Main Panel] No easy way to hide/show Music Tree
4280: [Install/Config] Consistency issue: Change 'Filters and Views' to 'Filters & Views'
2999: [Main Panel] Album Art - Details View: Enable for Now Playing
4179: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties dialog: CTRL-A doesn't work to select all text in a field
4900: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Copy & Auto-organize tracks (e.g. to Copy an iPhone or network drive)
4754: [Main Panel] Filter config can cause device to appear in tree even if not connected (regression)
4672: [Player] Video: Vid4WA plugin no longer works with MM 3.0
4892: [Other] Some toolbars are missing close buttons and the navigation toolbar is not labeled
4894: [Main Panel] Floating toolbars not labelled / mislabelled / and missing buttons
3982: [Player] Sleep timer expiry: Volume doesn't reset back to normal
4974: [Playlist / Search] Regression: Searching in 'Current Selection' mode can be slow
4151: [Other] Debug Log (via dbgview) should log correct / full version number
4776: [Player] Regression: Playcounter is not updated before TrackEnd Event
3754: [Playlist / Search] Search bar: Configureable search mode on a per root node basis
2991: [Playlist / Search] Playlist: dragging from Now Playing to a playlist doesn't work correctly
4795: [Playlist / Search] Internal: Some DUNIT query tests fail.
4953: [DB/FileMonitor] MM 3.1 Fails to upgrade from MM 2.x database
4940: [Scripts/Extensions] SDBUIEdit.Common PaswordChar property Feature
2790: [Conversion/Leveling] Album Gain support for Burning and Ripping
4926: [DB/FileMonitor] Database problems in 1192
0244: [Conversion/Leveling] Return rip error messages once after CD has ripped
4686: [Cache / Preview] Save to .m3u doesn't work properly for Virtual CD tracks
3781: [Cache / Preview] Virtual CD: unsynchronized tags node doesn't work
4929: [Burn] Burn List selection doesn't work correctly
4930: [Burn] Disc spanning: User is unnecessarily prompted to insert a disc
4931: [Burn] Audio CD Burning: Error 30C07 for Audio Disc Burns
4937: [Install/Config] Database upgrade should backup old DB prior to performing upgrade
4915: [Burn] Estimated size of burned tracks isn't correct for ABR MP3s
4416: [Main Panel] Album Art View : Covers D&D should be available
4413: [Other] Date field resets in some cases

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