Do you upload multiple files on to the forums so that your friends and peers can see what you have just shared? If you do share your files and do not get a slice of that 'money pie' then this is where I would recommend you to have your files uploaded and shared to make you some money online.


  • Registration is absolutly free
  • Filesize to upload is unlimited
  • Unlimited disk space for your files
  • Upload your files using FTP
  • Downloading speed from server is unlimited
  • GetPaid for filesharing: from 0.28$ per one download and up to 380$ per one thousand of downloads

DepositFiles service options
  • Free storage of your files on our servers for any period of time,
  • Downloading files from slow servers to our server and their storage for any period of time,
  • The largest possible size of stored file is 2Gb!,
  • The total size of the stored files is unlimited,
  • Sending free emails with downloading link for your file to all your addressees,
  • Password protection for your file's downloading,
  • We delete your file at any time that is convenient for you,
  • Easy file downloading at any time that is convenient for you.
  • We offer a good tariff of $5 for 1000 unique downloads of your file (only from Russia and USA). NEW!!! For users who show good results, we introduce a new tariff - up to $30 for 1000 downloads!!!
  • The minimum payable amount now makes $10!!!

The only thing you have to do is upload a file onto and put the unique URL that you receive onto your site or forum or send to friends by e-mail.

P.S. don`t forget to register!!!
  • Anyone who wishes to can work with us.
  • We pay you money for unique downloads of your files..
  • The price for 1000 unique downloads varies from 5$ to 15$ - depending on the quality of the traffic (visitors)
  • Accepted countries:

  • Payments are available on request. Within two business days of a request. Make a request, please visit payments. The minimum amount of the request 3$.

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  1. seedix // October 27, 2009 at 1:12 AM  

    Wew Its cool,, i had being think that only ziddu or rapid can earn money for shared file. thanks a lot.